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Surf Lessons

Boards, Wetsuits and Surf Equipment

  • Can I hire boards and wetsuits?

    Yes! Our Surf Rental centre offers an incredible range of softboards, shortboards, longboards and bodyboards, wetsuits and wetsuit accessories (namely hoods and booties), fins and surf hardware. Ch...

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  • Can I bring my own board, wetsuit and gear?

    You sure can! Bring as many boards, wetsuits and gear that you can carry – URBNSURF Melbourne is the perfect place to refine your equipment.

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  • What boards can I ride?

    You can ride any form of surfboard or bodyboard, including finless boards, softboards, fishes, shortboards, mini-mals and longboards. Stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), kayaks and other forms of surf cr...

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Photos and Videos

  • Can I purchase photos and videos?

    URBNSURF offers professional photography services on-site at the URBNSURF Green Room hut in Melbourne. Whether you want the perfect shot of your first surf lesson for Instagram, or a sequence of ph...

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