• Where are URBNSURF’s offices located?

    URBNSURF is a proudly Australian company with offices in Tullamarine and Sydney. We’re a team of lifelong surfers who are excited to be building next-generation surf parks in our backyard. And we’r...

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  • When was URBNSURF founded?

    URBNSURF was formed after our Founder, Andrew Ross, visited Wavegarden’s R&D centre near San Sebastian, Spain in 2012. He was blown away by the perfect, consistent waves being produced among the mo...

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  • What is URBNSURF?

    Surfing is an iconic Australian pastime. It’s in our DNA. But surfing has been limited to coastal locations, daylight hours, and the need for weather elements to align to create decent conditions. ...

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Company Vision, Mission and Values

  • What are URBNSURF’s values?

    Our values are:   Respect Is Everything   We’re respectful of surfing’s rich heritage, the diversity of people who run to the water with a board under their arm, and our precious oceans that make w...

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  • What is URNBSURF’s mission?

    Our mission is to build and operate world-class surf parks in Australia that deliver high quality waves and authentic surfing experiences for new and existing surfers of all ages, experience and ab...

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  • What is URBNSURF’s vision?

    Our vision is to create natural, honest and inclusive surfing environments where memorable experiences are created, and where our guests and staff have fun, get stoked, keep fit and feel part of a ...

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